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Lowe Skid Steer Auger 750 9", 12" & 15" Attachment

Lowe 750 - 9", 12" & 15"

Lowe Skid Steer Auger 1650 9" & 12" & 18" Attachment

Lowe 1650 - 9", 12" & 18"

Lowe Auger Bits

Auger bits are a vital component of your drilling system. The tough quality that comes from additional machining, welding and precision geometry are the extra features you want in a bit.

Standard auger length is 50", but various lengths can be custom fabricated upon request. If you only need additional hole depth for some jobs, extensions are available in 14", 24", 36", 48", and 60".

Smith Equipment offers the Lowe SQ-Series hex bits with all auger configurations that are sent with drive units. Hex to round and round to hex adapters are available to order, as are round bits in any size Lowe offers.

The SQ-series are designed for standard duty digging in light to moderate ground conditions. These bits feature a fabricated boring head, bolt-on teeth, double-wrap flighting, and hardened fish point tail. The SQ-Series hex bits are made to fit 2” hex drive shafts.

The 30" and 36" TSQ-Series bits are offered configured with 9" & 15" SQ bits. These bits are commonly referred to as “tree bits” as they are designed with a smaller diameter flighting on the bottom. The TSQ-series hex bits are made to fit 2" hex shafts.

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